Alright? So on Twitter I do this dopey game where I put myself in a picture of a place but only show a teeny bit of it. The aim of the game is for you to tell me where I am. First person to do that wins naff all minus bugger all. It started off … Continue reading #WhereIsHamsterMcKenzie


Hammys Celebrity Big Brother

Alright Kids Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight… Sigh. I haven’t watched it since that year George Galloway, Pete Burns and the rest of em lit up our screens with a beautiful blend of viciousness and fannying around. After that it’s all been an even mix of gash and poo. I say that, but I’ve not … Continue reading Hammys Celebrity Big Brother

Basically It’s Inane Ramblings

I promised myself I’d write something today. Actually I promised myself I’d write something yesterday but as I sat down in front of the laptop last night I went blank. Like properly blank. If I’m being honest I’m blank now too. That’s why I’ve started with this little rambling piece. Its kind of like taking … Continue reading Basically It’s Inane Ramblings