Remembering the Undead (#1)

That’s right. Remembering the undead. No not zombies you big silly! People who haven’t died yet and we take for granted.old-3

Maybe people we don’t even think about because we’ve forgotten about them. I’m not talking family either because we all do that and frankly that’s boring. I’m talking celebrities.

It seems a lot of the more successful blogs out there are gravitated around celebrities and as I’d quite like this site to have an element of popularity I thought I’d roll around on that bandwagon for a bit and then fall off again.

The following celebrities are ones we’ve all heard of (with a couple of possible exceptions) that I feel we should take some time to appreciate or reintroduce ourselves to before its too late.

Macy Gray

What is she up to these days? If she died you’d all be saying “Oh what a shame, I liked that song she did. If only she’d released more I’d have downloaded some”

She’s a bad example really because I never liked that song. Plus she might be dead. I know she choked once when she tried saying goodbye. Maybe that’s why she disappeared.

The Blakeney Twins

Gayle and Gillian Blakeney or as you’ll remember them (or not) the Alessi twins, stars of Neighbours in the early days. They were even part of the golden crop that released a record. It did badly.

Kelsey Grammer

We all loved him in Frasier and as Sideshow Bob in the Simpsons but what are you doing to appreciate him now?? Jack that’s what. I’m telling you people you’ll miss him when he’s gone. Put channel 4 on NOW.

Ronan Keating

He taught us that life was indeed a rollercoaster. Whereas the other remaining Boyzone members may be hoping Ronan kicks the bucket first so they both coin it in when their back catalogue rockets up the UK and Irish charts, I for one hope that particular tomorrow never comes.

Justin Lee Collins 

Hairy presenter and all round nice guy (apart from that one time obviously). Single handedly brought back Star Wars, now forced to work on low budget TV. Also the first famous Bristolian to sound like he comes from Bristol.

Michael Barrymore 

Another great presenter but this one not as hairy as the last. We know why he’s been off the radar but look at that picture. Look at the joy. We should all have one more shot at that.

So there you have it. You didn’t even know you were taking these people for granted did you? There’s more too:

  • Floella Benjamin
  • Andi Peters
  • Eamonn Holmes
  • Craig Phillips (won Big Brother 1)
  • Antony Worrall Thomson
  • Dizzee Rascal
  • Hulk Hogan

The list goes on. All, at some point, part of our lives and we need to love them once again while we still can. Go on, watch them on YouTube or send them a tweet. Make them feel special.

I’m off to listen to some Chris Moyles because I lost him once before and I can’t bare the thought of losing him again.


H. McKenzie


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