Breastfeeding & Me – A Hamster’s Journey (#5)

Hello again Hamlets  (I’m trying that out for a bit. Let’s see if it catches on)

I didn’t plan on writing a blog tonight but something happened earlier that I wasn’t expecting. Someone responded to a tweet of mine. That in itself isn’t as unexpected as you might think (even for Billy No Mates here). The unexpected thing was that someone took issue with my tweets.

The tweet I concocted was after I saw Tamara Ecclestone on Good Morning Britain (above) talking about breastfeeding. I believe her main point was about breastfeeding toddlers and how it’s a bit taboo even in this day and age.
My instant thought process was something along the lines of:

“I can tweet something humorous here and maybe get lots of followers off the back of it. Hooray for me!”

So I posted this:

I’ll not lie to you, at the time I thought it was quite funny. And I’ll not lie to you once more, I still think it’s a little bit funny. Literally no one else did or maybe no one saw it. It’s easy for a tweet to get lost in the wilderness. Wouldn’t be the first time a piece of my comedy genius disappeared without a trace.

But wait, what’s this? A whole day and a bit later someone has responded to it! (I knew I was funny).

Oh hang on. It’s not fan mail after all. This is what was said:

Not trolling I grant you. No death threats. No danger to my hamster wheel or my carrot sticks.

But I almost wish it was because instead it was a fair point. It made me feel a bit small (hello? Hamster?) and I rightly apologised. However I made the joke because I thought it was a subject that’s fair game. In my mind I thought breastfeeding is universally accepted barring a handful of narrow minded bellends. So let’s all have a laugh and get on with feeding our young on the bus.


Having looked through some of the tweets that are floating around on Twitter on the subject of breastfeeding I find they are nothing less than neanderthal!

I won’t be posting links to them on here because:

1) I’m not sure if I’m allowed legally (Still new to this blogging thing)

2) I don’t want to give these people any publicity

3) They’re easy enough to find if you rummage

And the thing I didn’t realise is its not just men who have the issue but women too. Sad isn’t it?

I know everyone is different and just because I agree with breastfeeding  (cleverly abbreviated to BF to fit into many tweets) doesn’t mean everyone else will. Most likely some people reading this blog will have a problem with it. If you do please feel free to comment.

There will no doubt be captains of debating teams out there who can argue better than me that it’s not a savoury sight when a mother “Whips them out” (to quote a tweet I read) but for me the bottom line is this – If a mother and child are out and about in public and the little one gets hungry, should they be made to starve to save your blushes?

No brainer right?

And I guarantee you one thing. Some of those naysayers will, at some point, have gone out of their way to look at breasts for their own self gratification.

Just as long as they don’t do it in public.


H. McKenzie
PS) I have had a bit of a chat with the mother who sent the complaint and she’s a very nice person, as are a few others who chipped in. I think they like me as well now, fingers crossed.


One thought on “Breastfeeding & Me – A Hamster’s Journey (#5)

  1. Oh Hammy,

    I am catching up on old blogs as I have only just found you.
    I remember this tweet and laughing at it, I got the humour totally. I also understand that it was not intended to cause so much offence.
    You have explained it well in this blog

    Liked by 1 person

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