Arsenal v Bristol City A Love Letter (#9)

To those that don’t know I’m a Bristol City supporter. Have been for many years and I was at Ashton Gate last night to witness us draw 1-1 with Norwich City having come back from a goal down and we should, in all honesty, have probably won’t the game.

Given our recent run it wasn’t a terrible result.
But as I walked back to the car I felt ashamed. Was I ashamed that we didn’t get the three points? Was I ashamed that we remain in the bottom three of the Championship? Nope. I was ashamed because Arsenal had just lost 5-1 at home to Bayern Munich on the 2nd leg of the Champions League Round of 16.IMG_20170308_110256 That alone is fairly bad but when you add that to the 5-1 defeat in Munich in the first leg I (as a Hamster) literally do not have enough fingers to add those scores together. Luckily it emblazoned across every media platform that it was in fact:
Bayern Munich 10 v 2 Arsenaltimes

And that’s a record equalling aggregate score by the way.
But what do I care down here in the glorious South West? I care because the rest of Europe are currently pointing in our general direction and laughing at us because our teams rarely compete on the biggest stage in football anymore.low-angle-dolly-shot-portrait-away-from-toward-man-laughing-wearing-video-id544-4 But more than this it’s made me realise that Arsenal fans have it bad. Arsenal fans have it worse than us, Bristol City fans.
Here’s why:

The Groundslide78
I haven’t been to The Emirates Stadium but it appears fantastic. Better than Ashton Gate and over twice the capacity. However after ten year’s you’re used to it now and it was the cause of you not being able to compete in the transfer market with the big boys while the club made its money back on it.

Many fans still long for the glory days of Highbury.highbury-stadium A simpler time when you couldn’t fit everyone in, largely because the ground was overflowing with trophies.
Ashton Gate has just finished a major face-lift dragging the club into the 21st century. It’s all new and shiny and big and we’re loving it.p1370269 We haven’t moved from our lifelong home where we grew up we’ve just built an extension and knocked the living room through. Though we’re still in that period where we don’t know what to do with all this space and it looks a bit empty.IMG_20170308_111636

We here at Bristol City have very little expectation. You get the odd fan saying we’re a sleeping giant destined for greatness but on the whole we know what we are.
We’re effectively married to the Championship who we love dearly despite the odd spat. Every now and then we flirt with the drop dead gorgeous Premier League even though she’s way too good for us and always knocks us back. Then there’s the office slag that is League 1 who we had a full blown affair with but it got stale very quickly and ,thank god, the Championship let us move back in (though it’s been a bit frosty since she caught us checking out the Premier League last september.

Not long ago we slowed down to pick up League 2 from a shady street corner but got scared and drove off.

League 2

So not much glory there but still quite exciting. Variation aplenty.

Now what have Arsenal fans got to look forward to?
Top 4. Top 4. Top 4…
Basically you’re married to the smoking hot wife that we keep checking out but she stopped caring about you a LONG time ago. Granted last season you finished second which was her caving in and giving you a hand job but all the while she was shagging Leicester behind your back. And now she’s giving Chelsea the eyes. Slut.
Your constant qualification for the Champions League is just you visiting a dominatrix because you like to be abused every so often. And you always end up leaving early wondering if it was worth it.

Lashings of Whipped Cream
Arsenal in the Champions League

Where to begin?Arsene-Wenger-622120

Arsene Wenger has been at the club longer than some of the players have been living. Hes won numerous trophies and even sounds like the club he clearly adores.

But he is becoming (has become) hated by Gunners fans big style! He’s even been the recipient of some peaceful protesting.IMG_20170308_092642 He has had the firm backing of the owners throughout the bad times because he consistently brings in Champions League money and ultimately that’s all the big wigs care about. Arsene’s going nowhere until he says so.Fulham-v-Bristol-City-EFL-Cup-Third-Round

Lee Johnson has been at our club a year. He steadied a slightly leaky ship that was freshly promoted by all round top bloke Steve Cotterill and got us playing confident attacking football.

After two games into this season we were top (I know it doesn’t count that early in the season but it was a good time!). In September we looked like we might be serious play off contenders. Now in March we are in the bottom three after our worst run EVER.
Naturally the same fans that, not twelve months ago, were singings-l300

Are now singing
“We want Johnson Out!”
Who would I rather have out of Wenger or Johnson?

Lee Johnson.

Simply because he’s a young, up and coming manager who is making mistakes but learning from them. Wenger is an old manager coming to the end of his career who is making mistakes.

He should have a statue at the Emirates for his success over the yearsa8287_f but you’ve got to feel his time as manager is up and all he’s doing now is ballsing up his legacy. Johnsons is just beginning and if we stay up (IF) then I’m a little bit excited for next season.
Are you excited Arsenal fans?

If you fancy some real excitement come down to Ashton Gate.

There’s plenty of room.

H. McKenzie


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