A Homage To Our Rach (#14)

Welcome to blog number 14 from me, your friendly rodent, Hamster McKenzie.

Actually I’m a bit nervous about this one. Not because it’s controversial but because I’m fearful it’ll come across as freaky or stalkerish.

Clearly it’s not intended to be but let’s see how it pans out as to whether or not it gets deleted, or indeed, used as evidence.

Today I’m dedicating my time and typing thumb (always done on a mobile) to Rachel Hawkins or as you may know her: @ourrachblogs.

“Why are you doing this Hamster?” you cry!

Mainly because:
1) She’s a God damn lovely person
2) It’s her birthday tomorrow and this makes for a cheap present

The reason I’m doing this today is because I won’t have time tomorrow. I’m working today so I’ve currently got all the time in the world!
On top of these two reasons she was the first person who really gave me and my blog any attention when I joined Twitter.

I started writing not knowing what I was doing (still don’t) or if I was any good (jury’s out). I wouldn’t say she took me under her wing but she certainly gee’d me up. Rachel not only praised my work but also shared it with her numerous followers. Followers, by the way, that currently stand at over 3900 but will undoubtedly one day be in the hundreds of thousands. She’s already got the blue tick!

In fact when she posted this:

I was certain it was true as anyone who’s read her work knows she has at least one book in her future.

Personally I have a semi dream of somebody important one day reading my blog and giving me a column (not that you aren’t important if you’re reading this now) which is slightly ridiculous, but surely OurRach is destined for this. Her very funny and painfully honest blog (http://ourrachblogs.com) is a must but even if you don’t read that her tweets alone are excellent.

Don’t waste your time trolling her though because it’s water off a ducks back and death threats mean nothing to her unless you threaten to carry them out on a unicorn.
One last reason for this ode?

Our Rach is from Bristol!

Which is my neck of the woods and automatically makes you pretty special anyway.

Though I’ve never met her and never will due to my relative anonymity (I’m not really a hamster) I’d be surprised if we haven’t passed each other in the confectionary aisle at Asda.

Asda. This is basically just filling space.

So I’m going to leave it there which makes it a very short effort for one of my blogs but, like I said, I don’t want to look weird.
I’ll end it by wishing Rachel a very happy birthday with your lovely family and thanks for being a great Twitter friend.

Sorry I spelt your name incorrectly. And got your age wrong.

H. McKenzie


Actually I just remembered she tweets about TOWIE and Tom Hardy quite a bit so y’know, can’t all be good.


PS) Rach – Please don’t sue me for nicking your images


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