The Fantastic 3 (#18)

Hello kids
Following the success of my previous blog (it bombed) I thought it high time I tried again.


I’m moving back into the world of celebrity this time because, as my great grandad said as he lay dying in his hospital bed “People lap that shit up”. Coincidentally he died seconds later and voided his bowels.

But I digress.


Today’s piece is a bit of a fandom thing  or ‘fanny’ if you like, about three famous people who, I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a massive fan, but I am fond of them.

I’m not a die hard fan of anyone really as I don’t I could have such extreme feelings towards somebody I’ve never met.
To put it in perspective if Fan Clubs still existed and these people had them I wouldn’t be a member.
In fact the last club I was a member of was Rolfs Cartoon Club and for some reason they stopped sending out letters a few years ago.


So these are some people I like and follow around (figuratively speaking, I’m not mental) as they embark on new projects purely because they interest me.



Hugh Lauriedr_house_hugh_laurie-wallpaper-1280x960

I was never a big fan of Hugh Laurie growing up. I remember seeing him in Young Ones in that University Challenge bit when I was about four but that’s it. A Bit Of Fry & Laurie never did it for me and neither did Jeeves & Wooster. So basically I couldn’t care less about the guy.


Fast forward a few years and who’s that I see playing a baddie in the shiny new live action remake of 101 Dalmatians? Stone me it’s Hugh Laurie! How did he get that gig?

Let’s not forget Mark Williams too

Now, I love to see a Brit make it in America. It warms my heart to see One Direction or the far superior Little Mix make it to the top of the Billboard Charts.

And I’m still bumwurzled as to how James Corden has gotten to be so massive over there (and I promise you that isn’t a fat joke) but I’m pleased he is. So when I saw Mr L cast in a big Hollywood movie I couldn’t wait to see him crop up elsewhere.


Well you could’ve knocked me down with a feather if he didn’t turn up with my childhood idol Michael J Fox (well his voice) in Stuart Little. How great is this? A brit going to America, pretending to be American and getting the job as Stuart Littles dad!
(By the way Hollywood if you’re looking to make a reboot just drop me a tweet or call my people ok?)
Clearly he’s now gonna be typecast as a loveable idiot sort in loads of kiddie related films?

Swapping Stephen Fry for Geena Davis

Nope, in walks Greg House. One of the best shows ever made. I’ll not bang on about it but it did make me proud to see his face all over the USA.


Follow this with him recording a couple of top notch blues albums that led me to go see him on tour, which was AMAZING by the way – Bristol Evening Post gave it 10/10. Proof if proof were needed.

Didn’t It Rain was class too


It became apparent I had a man crush on Hugh Laurie at the point I skipped work to watch ‘Tomorrowland’ in the cinema, which is something literally no-one else on the planet can say.


To conclude I’m currently watching ‘Chance’ and looking forward to his next project like a 13 year old girl in the 70s with tickets to an upcoming Bay City Rollers concert.



Matt BerryBxe9vTh6

I guarantee you if you think you don’t know who Matt Berry is you will at least know his very distinctive voice as he does the odd voice over. I imagine he charges the earth for the use of that voice. It’s gotta be more valuable than Adeles.

Not Matt Berry

This guy always makes me laugh without even trying. Let me say something that sounds like I’m slagging him off but I’m really not. All his characters are basically the same. A bit like Steve Martin really, he always seems to be playing Steve Martin. Richard Ayoade too.tumblr_no0mqw56a41r71rjjo1_500
Matt Berry first came to my attention in ‘Garth Marenghis Dark Place’ which, if you haven’t seen it is a bonkers parody of an 80s sci-fi/horror series set in a hospital in Romford. Do yourself a favour and get it is my advice to you sir.
Saying that I could also recommend ‘House of Fools’ where he plays Beef opposite Vic and Bob, I.T Crowd where he plays sexual predator Douglas Renholm or even The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water in which he is brilliantly cast as Bubbles The Dolphin who is hilarious. Again it’s just Matt Berry but in the guise of an intergalactic time travelling dolphin so it just makes him funnier.

Love Bubbles

To finish off if you watch nothing else I’ve recommended you must try out ‘Toast Of London’ (think it’s still on 4od, if I’m honest I can’t be arsed to check). It’s like when someone recommended The Office to you but you were reluctant because it looked rubbish but then you tried it and it changed your outlook on life. Well that’s what I’m giving you now with Toast of London.

Best sex scene in a comedy EVER

I expect you to come to my desk with a Thank you card in the near future.



Colin Murray624

You may remember Colin Murray as half of Radio 1 duo Colin and Edith (Bowman). I do but I didn’t really care for the man back then. Not that I disliked him I just had no interest in what they were doing. I was never really into Radio 1 and what all the cool kids were listening to. I was still in mourning over the split of Eternal (apparently time heals all wounds but it still hurts damn it).
Nor did I care when he presented the Ill fated RI:SE on channel 5 and obviously neither did anyone else or it wouldn’t of been panned after 12.7 seconds.

Not sure who the blonde guy is

I did become an admirer of Colin Murray though when he started presenting in the 10am – 1pm slot on Talksport on the warmly titled ‘Colin Murray & Friends’.

Coincidentally it was around this time my sales figures at work started to drop off because everything stopped for three hours.

Especially on a Friday when his co presenters were comedian Bob Mills and ex Arsenal (and Colchester Utd) player Perry Groves because it was just one big laugh throughout.

Happier times. For me anyway

The highlight of which, for me at least, was at 10:45am because that was time for Bob Mills Goes Postal. A feature where you could send letters to Bob to read out. That wasn’t the best part though. This feature had it’s own theme which I defy any listener to say they didn’t sign along to. It was basically an 80s hit by F.R David called Words that had been changed ever so slightly to include a bit of chanting (EASY EASY EASY) and it signified the weekend was truly here. Basically it was like Christmas Eve every Friday.

So how deflated was I when Colin announced he was leaving Talksport? Really bloody deflated is the answer. However his reasons were incredibly admirable for, as a Liverpool fan, he made the tough decision to quit when the radio station was picked up by News Corporation who also run The Sun. A newspaper who dragged the name of Liverpool supporters through the mud after the Hillsborough disaster.378F019500000578-3757425-image-a-98_1472088984865
I now listen to podcasts of his Saturday show ‘Fighting Talk’ and ‘At Home With..’ but as good as they are it’s not the same as I can’t interact like I used to. I was always getting tweets read out on his old show. It truly was like we, the listeners, were the friends mentioned in the title (sniff).


Anyway I should leave it there. I like these things to be less than 1000 words and here I am breaking all records on 1300..1301..1302..

Plus Hollywood’s on the phone about Stuart Little 2019!


H. Mckenzie






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