#WhosHeadIsHammyOn – The Results

Word up.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will doubtless be aware that I’m bloody fantastic me.

Oh and I also run a little game called Whose Head Is Hammy On? A game in which I show you a zoomed in picture of a celebrity bonce upon which I am nestled.

Its an infuriating game for the many players it attracts but its bloody great fun for me watching you all get your hair off.

If you want to find it just search the incorrectly spelt hashtag: #WhosHeadIsHammyOn

I could change it but after all this time I cant be bummed.

Anyway, a few of you have asked to see a list of the results so here they are:

Round Answer Winner
1 Laila Morse @ar_mu
2 Britney Spears @DizzyR32
3 Louie Spence @andy_inwood
4 Jessie J @wesfrith
5 Bono @mummycatnotes
6 Jeff Goldblum @LyallKristy
7 Noel Fielding @1977gone
8 Mark Labbett @Adamsllew
9 Bob Mortimer @Luckster29
10 Stephen Merchant @mummycatnotes
11 Justin Lee Collins @1977gone
12 James Corden @MoaningMama
13 Kelly Osbourne @Bluebells048
14 Gwen Stefani @LWilliamsArt
15 Jennifer Saunders VOID
16 Ben Stiller @RedHourBen
17 Matthew Broderick @KevJStewart
18 Elijah Wood @Ukgn_kempywood
19 Mark Wright @OurRachBlogs
20 Emily Blunt @j_homsey
21 Peter Dinklage @MoaningMama
22 Peppa Pig ???
23 Robin Williams @mummycatnotes
24 Connor McGregor @OurRachBlogs
25 Johnny Vegas @Jennifer_H24
26 Ellen DeGeneres @Garyabcdef
27 Sigourney Weaver @LyallKristy
28 Jamie Foxx @DizzyR32
29 Pete Burns @OurRachBlogs
30 Ralph Macchio @KevJStewart
31 Danny Dyer @GavlarJim
32 Prince George @Onceuponafibro
33 Steven Gerrard @US3RNAM3_TAKEN
34 Aaron Paul @Shiner_sam
35 Pierce Brosnan @Saintsfanwhitey
36 Martin Clunes @walkingwithanxi
37 Zoe Ball @Ukgn_kempywood
38 Joe Wilkinson @MoaningMama
39 Bobby Brown @SeanDawson85
40 Ewen MacIntosh @raquelhartwell
41 Ronnie Corbett @Tpodzy
42 Hugh Jackman @Ben_Chalky
43 Greg Davies @Ukgn_kempywood
44 Steve Davis @walkingwithanxi
45 Rachel Riley @nijinsky70
46 Cat Deeley @bakedbnarnar
47 Chris Moyles @Leftysteffty
48 Alfonso Ribeiro @whatmummysaysuk
49 Kirsty Gallagher @Paulerhards10
50 Busta Rhymes @SEANPONO
51 Olly Murs @dartfordgull
52 Hugh Laurie @RebeccaWidnall
53 Nigel Farage @actionlwj87
54 Zooey Deschanel @actionlwj87
55 John Goodman @Ukgn_kempywood
56 Ricky Gervais @mumcoffee
57 Tom Hardy @LibbyDaviesNurs
58 Celine Dion @IssyBelleFox
59 Lee Evans @Actmel20181
60 Pink @j_homsey
61 Tom Hiddleston @Droftes
62 Freddie Flintoff @ImBecWebb
63 Margot Robbie @LizManley21
64 Steve Jones @kmercer84
65 Danny Baker @AileenHenry11
66 Sam Neill @bakedbnarnar
67 Chris Hemsworth @Emmasherwood88
68 Kristen Wiig @Fgilgunn
69 Frank Sinatra @MichaelKFenwick
70 Nigel Planer @AlepouClaire
71 Holly Willoughby @norallie
72 Dannii Minogue @norallie
73 Shane Richie @TherealMac84
74 Ross Kemp @mitchy8900
75 Katie Hopkins @JenglishLives
76 Kate Ritchie @Missgeorgieanne

You may notice a couple of things. Namely these:

  1. Round 15 is void. It was won by somebody who shall remain nameless but had the decency to own up to cheating to get the correct answer… It was @ourrachblogs.
  2. Round 22 currently has no winner as I can’t find it anywhere! It’ll turn up I’m sure. It was a daft round though as its clearly Peppa Pig, I just did that in a strop as everyone was moaning how hard the rounds were.

As I’ve done this list of winners I thought I may as well produce a league table which I think you’ll find is very interesting reading (If you’re on it that is. Bloody boring otherwise).

#WhosHeadIsHammyOn – League Table
Player Wins
@Ukgn_kempywood 4
@MoaningMama 3
@mummycatnotes 3
@OurRachBlogs 3
@1977gone 2
@actionlwj87 2
@bakedbnarnar 2
@DizzyR32 2
@j_homsey 2
@KevJStewart 2
@LyallKristy 2
@norallie 2
@Actmel20181 1
@Adamsllew 1
@AileenHenry11 1
@AlepouClaire 1
@andy_inwood 1
@ar_mu 1
@Ben_Chalky 1
@Bluebells048 1
@dartfordgull 1
@Droftes 1
@Emmasherwood88 1
@Fgilgunn 1
@Garyabcdef 1
@GavlarJim 1
@ImBecWebb 1
@IssyBelleFox 1
@JenglishLives 1
@Jennifer_H24 1
@kmercer84 1
@Leftysteffty 1
@LibbyDaviesNurs 1
@LizManley21 1
@Luckster29 1
@LWilliamsArt 1
@MichaelKFenwick 1
@Missgeorgieanne 1
@mitchy8900 1
@mumcoffee 1
@nijinsky70 1
@Onceuponafibro 1
@Paulerhards10 1
@raquelhartwell 1
@RebeccaWidnall 1
@RedHourBen 1
@Saintsfanwhitey 1
@SeanDawson85 1
@Shiner_sam 1
@TherealMac84 1
@Tpodzy 1
@walkingwithanxi 1
@wesfrith 1
@whatmummysaysuk 1

So we have @ukgn_kempywood as a standalone leader in the world of Hamster-head-sitting-recognition with @MoaningMama, @MummyCatNotes and @OurRachBlogs in the Champions League places.

What does this all mean??

Naff all, it’s just a bit of fun.


Oh yeah I was interviewed about it too:



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