So on Twitter I do this dopey game where I put myself in a picture of a place but only show a teeny bit of it.

The aim of the game is for you to tell me where I am. First person to do that wins naff all minus bugger all.

It started off as just that but after being amazed by the workings of Steve McFaddens Cold War (if you don’t follow them on Twitter you’re only hurting yourself) I decided I’d have a bit of fun fannying around with the reveal.

Now as much as I love SMCW I wouldn’t want to take the mick and full on rape his thing (oo-er) so I basically started adding a mixture of friends, minor celebs and absolute assholes off Twitter. Throw in a few sexy props and we’re done!

Its gathered a tiny following but the sheer joy I get from their reaction to it is immense and drags me out of whatever funk I happen to be in that particular day.

In honour of that I’ve gathered all the #WhereIsHamsterMcKenzie pictures together and stuck them down below for you (along with a little bonus piece).


Tiananmen Square
Abbey Road
The Kabin in Corrie
Shooting Stars
Cafe from Seinfeld
Love Island
Band Aid
The Kitchen from Family Ties
The Chase
Strictly Come Dancing
Strike It Lucky
Miami Beach
Oval Office
Justin’s House
Buckingham Palace
Thai Footballers Cave
Live Aid
Thriller video
Jeremy Kyle Show
I’m a Celebrity Jungle
Teletubby Land
Sesame Street
The Apprentice Boardroom
Dirty Dancing
The Bridge – Star Trek Next Generation
An Art Gallery
The Cafe in Eastenders

That’s all of them so far. Think you’ll find they’ve evolved.

Oh the bonus one I mentioned!

Someone wanted me to make a mate if theirs look a bit daft so I mocked up this bad boy…

God bless Biggins!


H. McKenzie


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