An Interview With a Hamster #6: Charlie Beswick

Hello and welcome to An Interview With a Hamster!! (Crisp packet rustles in the audience) HAMSTER: Joining me in the cage this week is author and minor celebrity CHARLIE BESWICK!! (Charlie is carried on stage by a couple of well oiled men. Not hunks though, both have visible love handles) Charlie: Be gentle with me. … Continue reading An Interview With a Hamster #6: Charlie Beswick


Carrots For Goalposts (#22)

Sniff sniff I can smell it. The freshly cut grass, the meat pies, the bovril. The stinky fat bloke two rows in front. Can you smell it too?   You can?   That's because we are nearly upon that most glorious of times – the start of the shiny new FOOTBALL SEASON!!   So I … Continue reading Carrots For Goalposts (#22)