Hammys Den

Due to me upping my turnover of blogs you may find the quality of them suffers somewhat. However, I’m nothing if not stupid so I’m gonna plough on regardless. Today I’m going to put to you some business ideas. A bit like on Dragons Den but, unlike the people on Dragons Den, I’m going to … Continue reading Hammys Den


Age Aint Nuttin’ But a Number

You may not know this but I’m 37. 37. That’s the oldest I’ve ever been. Hopefully not the oldest I’ll ever be because its my birthday soon and it’ll mean I’ve got less than 4 months left. I’ve not achieved a huge amount in my near four decades on the planet. There’s been the odd … Continue reading Age Aint Nuttin’ But a Number

(Not) Celebrity Big Brother 2019

Hey! I thought it was you! I haven’t seen you in ages. How’s your mum? Only joking, I don’t care about your mum. But it has been a while. That’s not to say I haven’t been writing because I have, I’ve just been binning my efforts because they've been, as the French say, gash. Don’t … Continue reading (Not) Celebrity Big Brother 2019