And The Winner Isn’t..

Evening all I just fancied writing so here I am flaunting my wares to you like some cheap slapper. Today I'm writing about awards. I’ve not seen many of them. Awards. But have seen the blogs/tweets requesting that you nominate somebody for a most prestigious honour. Something along the lines of ‘Most Influential Blogger’ - … Continue reading And The Winner Isn’t..


Follow Da Leader

Yes Im back. Every time I finish one of these I swear it'll be the last and so far none of them have been. But this one is. Maybe. I have it in my head that, even though I don’t think these blogs are great, someone important might read it and think “Holy crud we … Continue reading Follow Da Leader

An Interview With a Hamster #6: Charlie Beswick

Hello and welcome to An Interview With a Hamster!! (Crisp packet rustles in the audience) HAMSTER: Joining me in the cage this week is author and minor celebrity CHARLIE BESWICK!! (Charlie is carried on stage by a couple of well oiled men. Not hunks though, both have visible love handles) Charlie: Be gentle with me. … Continue reading An Interview With a Hamster #6: Charlie Beswick