You may recall recently I did a whole blog on the wonders of 1985 and how fantastic it was to be an infant back then. Well I was just driving along listening to some Britpop and it all came flooding back to me just how amazing 1996 was for the fifteen, and indeed, sixteen year … Continue reading MCMXCVI 🙂


The Man With The Golden Carrot – Part 3

**WARNING: If you haven’t read Parts 1 and 2 then none of this will make any bastard sense** Welcome back to the third and final part of The Man with the Golden Carrot. You rejoin us with our intrepid hero having completed his first foray into enemy territory. Some days had passed since I conquered … Continue reading The Man With The Golden Carrot – Part 3

Carrots For Goalposts – The Results

**WARNING - CONTAINS FOOTBALL** So... Last August I put my footballing reputation on the line by predicting the final standings for  the 2017/18 English Championship Table. You may recall it was a blog called 'Carrots For Goalposts', if not have a look, its on here somewhere. Why the Championship I hear you cry? (Nobody's crying … Continue reading Carrots For Goalposts – The Results