The One About Friends

Friends. Not the 90’s sitcom. Sorry I kind of tricked you there but you're here now so settle in. You probably have friends, although if you’re reading my blog odds are you don’t or at least shouldn’t. I have friends BUT not for long for I have found something better - Online friends. “But Mr … Continue reading The One About Friends


Follow Da Leader

Yes Im back. Every time I finish one of these I swear it'll be the last and so far none of them have been. But this one is. Maybe. I have it in my head that, even though I don’t think these blogs are great, someone important might read it and think “Holy crud we … Continue reading Follow Da Leader

The Twitter Follower Games (#4)

Hello and welcome to the catchy sounding... TWITTER FOLLOWER GAMES (Dramatic music plays) I'm Hamster Mckenzie and tonight one lucky contestant (you) will take part in the most amazing game to come out of my head in the last five minutes. You will be shown two selections of celebs who currently partake in the wonderful … Continue reading The Twitter Follower Games (#4)