Yeah Women Give Birth But… (#8)

Men have it worse (Episode 1) (Audience gasps) Now let me just say anyone who’s read my work will hopefully know by now my humour is slightly dry and a bit tongue in cheek. The title of this blog might suggest to any newcomers that what follows will show that I’m a male chauvinist pig … Continue reading Yeah Women Give Birth But… (#8)


A Crap Guide to Bristol (#7)

Happy Friday to all! Normally I’d churn this blog out on a Friday night but then it interrupts all the good Friday TV. So instead I’m doing it when I should be working. Even though my never used Facebook page says I'm from Sheffield I’m actually from a magical land known as Bristol (I don’t … Continue reading A Crap Guide to Bristol (#7)

In The 90s There was Music (#6)

Hello Hamlets, Madonna once said: "Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel" I've no idea either. But it doesn't matter what she said because she uttered that pile of garbage in 2000 and today young bloods, I'm focusing on the 1990s. A time when Top Of The Pops was still half decent and as far … Continue reading In The 90s There was Music (#6)

Anti Pleasures (#2)

Blog 2 then. Or 3 if you include the little intro bit I did. Either way I’m as excited to be writing it as I’m sure you are not to be reading it (let’s be honest I have no fan base yet but hopefully in a few months you’ll all be reading this retrospectively and … Continue reading Anti Pleasures (#2)