In The 90s There was Music (#6)

Hello Hamlets, Madonna once said: "Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel" I've no idea either. But it doesn't matter what she said because she uttered that pile of garbage in 2000 and today young bloods, I'm focusing on the 1990s. A time when Top Of The Pops was still half decent and as far … Continue reading In The 90s There was Music (#6)

Breastfeeding & Me – A Hamster’s Journey (#5)

Hello again Hamlets  (I'm trying that out for a bit. Let's see if it catches on) I didn't plan on writing a blog tonight but something happened earlier that I wasn't expecting. Someone responded to a tweet of mine. That in itself isn't as unexpected as you might think (even for Billy No Mates here). … Continue reading Breastfeeding & Me – A Hamster’s Journey (#5)

The Twitter Follower Games (#4)

Hello and welcome to the catchy sounding... TWITTER FOLLOWER GAMES (Dramatic music plays) I'm Hamster Mckenzie and tonight one lucky contestant (you) will take part in the most amazing game to come out of my head in the last five minutes. You will be shown two selections of celebs who currently partake in the wonderful … Continue reading The Twitter Follower Games (#4)

Remembering the Undead (#1)

That's right. Remembering the undead. No not zombies you big silly! People who haven't died yet and we take for granted. Maybe people we don't even think about because we've forgotten about them. I'm not talking family either because we all do that and frankly that's boring. I'm talking celebrities. It seems a lot of … Continue reading Remembering the Undead (#1)