Tracks Of Your Tears (#16)

Welcome to blog number 16 from your favourite hamster. Unless you own a hamster then I'm probably your second favourite. Actually you may also like Richard 'Hamster' Hammond. Let's just say I'm in your Top 10 hamsters and leave it there. So this is all about songs. Great songs. Great songs to me anyway. Songs … Continue reading Tracks Of Your Tears (#16)

Nothing To Fear (#15)

Alright everyone? How you all doing? I wasn’t going to write anything yet but the app I use to store my blog idea notes is filling up and, frankly, I need the space.   Today I will discuss fear. Kind of. If I’m honest not much scares me. Apart from the obvious stuff like death, … Continue reading Nothing To Fear (#15)

Killing Me Soft Play (#13)

Good day to you all! Today I release blog number 13 which is unlucky for you if you’re reading this and unlucky for me because you probably aren’t. Those who have read my work (work?) will be aware that there is zero theme whatsoever. One week its musical and the next its about toilets. However … Continue reading Killing Me Soft Play (#13)

How To Suck At Being a Rep (& Get Away With It) (#12)

Now I'm gonna start of with an apology. I wouldn't normally but this episode of my blog is going to be a little bit niche. Aimed mainly at those (not so) hard working men and women who you'll see in their Mondeos and Insignias on the motorway in their suits and ties. Not the ladies … Continue reading How To Suck At Being a Rep (& Get Away With It) (#12)

Yeah Women Give Birth But… (#8)

Men have it worse (Episode 1) (Audience gasps) Now let me just say anyone who’s read my work will hopefully know by now my humour is slightly dry and a bit tongue in cheek. The title of this blog might suggest to any newcomers that what follows will show that I’m a male chauvinist pig … Continue reading Yeah Women Give Birth But… (#8)

A Crap Guide to Bristol (#7)

Happy Friday to all! Normally I’d churn this blog out on a Friday night but then it interrupts all the good Friday TV. So instead I’m doing it when I should be working. Even though my never used Facebook page says I'm from Sheffield I’m actually from a magical land known as Bristol (I don’t … Continue reading A Crap Guide to Bristol (#7)