N-n-n-n-Nineteen… 85

1985. I am hereby declaring this the greatest year ever! 1984 rolled out with Do They Know Its Christmas still ringing in our ears to unveil the ultimate annus. It was a carefree time for me. I turned five this year and to anyone reading this aged four or under let me tell you, five … Continue reading N-n-n-n-Nineteen… 85


#WhosHeadIsHammyOn – The Results

Word up. Those of you that follow me on Twitter will doubtless be aware that I'm bloody fantastic me. Oh and I also run a little game called Whose Head Is Hammy On? A game in which I show you a zoomed in picture of a celebrity bonce upon which I am nestled. Its an … Continue reading #WhosHeadIsHammyOn – The Results

Carrots For Goalposts – The Results

**WARNING - CONTAINS FOOTBALL** So... Last August I put my footballing reputation on the line by predicting the final standings for  the 2017/18 English Championship Table. You may recall it was a blog called 'Carrots For Goalposts', if not have a look, its on here somewhere. Why the Championship I hear you cry? (Nobody's crying … Continue reading Carrots For Goalposts – The Results