A Blog About Nothing

I swore blind I wouldn’t write another blog and now bloody look. I haven’t wanted to write for ages and part of me still doesn’t. Much like you reading this, I’ve started so I may as well finish. Yet again I’ve been egged on by a lovely person telling me how I should start up … Continue reading A Blog About Nothing


The One About Friends

Friends. Not the 90’s sitcom. Sorry I kind of tricked you there but you're here now so settle in. You probably have friends, although if you’re reading my blog odds are you don’t or at least shouldn’t. I have friends BUT not for long for I have found something better - Online friends. “But Mr … Continue reading The One About Friends

An Interview With a Hamster #6: Charlie Beswick

Hello and welcome to An Interview With a Hamster!! (Crisp packet rustles in the audience) HAMSTER: Joining me in the cage this week is author and minor celebrity CHARLIE BESWICK!! (Charlie is carried on stage by a couple of well oiled men. Not hunks though, both have visible love handles) Charlie: Be gentle with me. … Continue reading An Interview With a Hamster #6: Charlie Beswick